Founded in 1895, First Bank was built on family values and love for the communities it serves. When our founder, John C. Covington, moved to Summit from nearby Liberty, he formed a life-changing friendship with a local man named Isadore Moyse. Moyse extended Covington credit to help him establish himself in his new home and business. While such a transaction could easily remain impersonal in the modern world, that was never an option for Covington and Moyse. Extending credit in the absence of a local bank was a matter of looking into a man’s heart and using unique perspective to develop and deepen the relationship by taking a chance.
A lot has changed in the last 125 years, but we remain a family-run bank, dedicated to serving our communities with the same kindness and neighborly compassion that Moyse showed Covington all those years ago. Personal relationships are the rock on which First Bank stands; it’s in our heritage. This is not just a bank; it’s a family business and we invite our customers to join our extended kin.
We were founded by “men about town”, therefore, we are your Bank About Town and we are proud to help our neighbors, friends, and familes across Southeast MS thrive.

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